bike8 is committed to promoting the children's balance bike movement in Europe and America in China, inspiring the enthusiasm of Chinese children aged 2-6, making the balance bike not only a toy, but also a tool for children to explore the world and helping children to grow in sports.

  • For two consecutive years, two products have won the German Red Dot Design Award for the bike8 children's balance bike. They are designed and manufactured with top-level craftsmanship. They have an integrated and solid body and a rich product line. At present, the bike8 products are divided into four series: competitive balance bike and competition. Speed balance bike, children's BMX, Chi 8 high-end custom products, have achieved 3C and EU certification, always insist on innovation, with more than 30 patents, only to create the most suitable children's balance bike for Chinese children.

  • The bike8 brand also founded KTC, the top children's balance bike race in the country. It has a new system and professional track design, allowing children to take challenges in entertainment, gain motivation in their growth, stimulate their sports potential, and cultivate their courage. Try and explore the character traits to explore the infinite possibilities of children in the process of growth.