Have you ever seen a bike ridden by a three-year-old? have you ever seen a bike designed by a three-year-old?
    After a brainstorm of charity, art and sports, children's works fall from the sky like a rainbow whose creativity and imagination are miracles that neither you nor I have ever explored.
    2-7 years old, full of infinite possible age, more than 20000 works, its strong inclusiveness and rich diversity, numbers can no longer be described

  • The taste of hamburger passion, let Liu Yilong burst into superhuman energy, sunny happiness, energy and passion is the world that bike8 took him to.

  • bike8 uses bright red and green back forks to express his constant love for food, and the bright colors recycled in the frame represent his spring-like vitality, which is the energy that can break out of the thing he loves.

  • Chase your beloved bike8, and take you to spring and grow happily

  • Reality perception traffic lights, cars, cranes, Gerui chess put us in traffic jams on the city streets, time and space imagination, bike8 shuttle to another time park, colorful Ferris wheel, loaded with different forms of creatures and his beloved dinosaurs

  • bike8 uses a black frame with infinite possibilities, using patterns to simply complete time travel, the growth and disappearance of dinosaurs, the emergence of cars, and the replacement of unknown color blocks.

  • Travel through time bike8, to accompany you to grow and step into the future

  • With bold and abstract brush strokes, Wang Xiaoxia let us stand under the hazy rainy night in the south of the Yangtze River, resolutely and forcefully colored graffiti, pulling us away from the clear nature and feeling the warmth of spring and the rhythm of life.

  • bike8 uses her bold color choices and abstract strokes to demonstrate nature's rich diversity and strong inclusiveness

  • The Rainbow Knight bike8, is fearless of challenge, a rainbow of nature fanatics.

  • Zeng Tianyi's bike8 and the fantasy drifting of marine life express his curiosity about the unknown and his yearning for freedom. The marine creatures with different postures in graffiti are his rich inner world and his desire to explore the unknown.

  • bike8 uses a white frame to represent unknown and free marine life stretching from the back fork to the front fork, indicating the infinite possibilities of exploration.

  • Explore the unknown. bike8, works with you to explore the boundaries of the unknown.

  • The background of the stacking of animal skin creates a new dimension for the picture. Animals run in graffiti. For Song Yuchen, who cares for animals, bike8 is not only a tool for cycling, but also a choice she makes to protect animals.

  • The bike8 frame uses the red color of both love and life, with a continuous texture of animal skin from the back fork to the front fork, symbolizing the continuous and close alliance between humans and animals.

  • The Choice for Love made by the Union of Guardians of Animals bike8,

  • bike8 hanging in the air, Liu Chengxuan as if standing on the shoulders of giants, the white space behind the green mountain is clean air, is his good hope for the world, the blank also means that the quality of the air by us to smear, he graffiti trees on the bike8 hope to purify the air

  • bike8 echoed his handling of the background with a white frame, with continuously strong trees from the front fork to the back fork, expressing the hope that concern for air pollution would bring about environmental rebirth.

  • Respiration of the Earth bike8, breathes with the Earth in balance
    6 graffiti bike8
    Let you find your own pace of growth in balance
    Show one's attitude
    Take you through the imaginary time travel
    Feel free and happy