Product:Bike8 Children's full face helmet



Colors:Black and white, black, white orange, blue powder

Shell:PC Shell 2 pcs

EPS:U.S.imported high-density black material

Process:Integrated molding + Fastener detachable chin bearing

Chin Material:Nylon

Liner:Comfortable premium velvet

Strap:Comfortable high-end nylon mesh-belt

Ribbon regulator:Swivel adjustable size with lamp

  • The Helmet skeleton is made of high-density
    EPS materials imported from the United States, the integrated
    molding detachable chin-bearing is made of high-strength nylon,
    providing the children
    proper and reliable protection in the challenge of greater
    difficulties and participating in fierce competition, the
    creative flashing light tightening regulator ensure
    the safety of night-ride for children.